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Cooking During The Coronavirus: Ingredient Based

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Some of the most popular videos on the internet right now are 10 or less ingredient recipes. I even saw some 2 ingredient recipes without even looking for them. The reason seems obvious, you are running out of ingredients at home and your capability to obtain new ingredients range from shouldn’t to can’t. This means that cooking during the Coronavirus outbreak is becoming more ingredient based.

Ingredient Based Cooking Saves Money

Ingredient based cooking takes ingredients into account before cooking a recipe. When using ingredient based cooking is utilized you only need to buy a few ingredients if any to make a meal. Many people instead look at a recipe and buy the ingredients for it. And yes, many of them buy ingredients they did not realize were already in their cupboard.

Ingredient based cooking is not just a way to keep cooking fresh with little variety, but a good way to save money. When I started utilizing ingredient based cooking throwing out spoiled food became an incident that only happens once every 3 months. Even with as infrequent as those times I waste food are, I feel terrible when I have to throw out that food. Compare that to the average 103 pounds of food the average American throws out.

Ingredient Based Cooking Makes The Best Recipes

Every recipe ever known had to be created. How else would the Reuben have been made? No one said: “oh I tried out rye, corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, and thousand island dressing, it’s delicious.” It was more like: “we have corned beef, sauerkraut, red sauce, swiss, and rye. Eh, put them together and cook it. It can’t be too bad…oh my gosh, this is delicious!”

To those who do not like the idea of meaty sandwiches, take a look at almost any rice and bean dish. Practically every culture has a rice and bean dish that tastes delicious. Either they knew exactly how to spice it up the first time or (more likely) they experimented with what to add to make these normally bland staples taste delicious. These were created by people trying to make the best with their pantry, not by obtaining the best ingredients. And these recipes tend to be more interesting than a simple recipe made from the finest ingredients. In my experience, people will remember an interesting rice and beans dish more than they would the finest filet of steak.

Creating Recipes

Cooking during a crisis like the Coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity to see what you are made of as a chef. The skills of cooking can rather easily be obtained with a little confidence, but recipe creation is a harder skill. It requires knowledge of how taste and smell can produce the perfect flavor. That may sound hard, but you already have two of the best tools to make the perfect flavor: your nose and mouth. Smelling and tasting your meals are necessary steps to making an amazing recipe. My wife and I smell and taste our food as we cook them to determine what should be added.

Even if all you have in your spice cabinet is salt and pepper you can still make amazing dishes. There is a reason those two are the go-to spices. You could even find spices in other common staples. I have made tasty recipes using cocoa powder and coffee as spices.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can cook, but being a chef requires skills you need to put effort in to obtain. I needed to be called “a dumb Yankee who can’t cook worth a damn” by a professional chef to obtain those skills. Funnily, no that was not in a cooking class. It was more like a wilderness survival course.

The Coronavirus may make you feel cornered. In my experience, people show their best efforts when cornered. Cooking during the Coronavirus crisis may become an opportunity to transform yourself from someone who frequently burns toast into the go-to cook for family and friend outings. Oh, and it may be worth mentioning that making new recipes using only what you have in the kitchen is a great skill to save you money. Furthermore, using what you have to make new recipes will lower your money contribution to landfills. It is worth mentioning there is no return of investment from those contributions.

Note To Audience

I wanted to write a post that could apply to personal finance. Ingredient based cooking is an excellent way to save money. However, if you would like to see interesting recipes in the future leave a comment below. I would be happy to share some recipes and cooking tips that could help make you more of an ingredient based cook.

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