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Coffee Shops Closed: Perk Up During Lockdown

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Recently I went for a walk and saw boards over the windows of one of my favorite coffee shops. I hope it is not permanently closed, but considering the lack of a sign, I doubt it. It got me thinking about what other coffee shops may be permanently closed. There are reports of restaurants, bars, cafes, and even coffee shops closing their doors permanently. It is estimated that 20% of restaurants and bars will close permanently according to business insider. We will see more coffee shops close down in the upcoming year.

It Will Get Worse

With unemployment rates increased to just under 15% at the end of April it is not likely that people will be spending much money at restaurants. Even those with a stable paycheck are more likely going to save or invest. If not to improve their finances, it will be because the new methods to get food from restaurants are now less convenient. If restaurants do not receive more revenue, they are more likely to close.

Employees working at restaurants are facing incredible stress right now. They must either adjust their work in the face of this crisis (I understand how that feels). Or they are not currently working. If you are currently looking for a job, there are still plenty of places hiring, you just need to stay resilient.

How To Get Through With Coffee Shops Closed

Buy Great Coffee

There are still many coffee shops which are open, although my favorite one requires online ordering. Furthermore, it does not provide the unique flavored blends or creations I desire. Ah well, it’s not like they have my favorite coffee anyways. My favorite coffee is Death Wish. It is highly caffeinated and has excellent flavor. They claim to be the strongest coffee. The energy I feel after is revitalizing yet not overpowered. The coffee tastes nutty with hints of sour. Flavorful yet not bitter. Strong but surprisingly smooth. Death Wish coffee has more paradoxes than love itself. Careful though, Death Wish was tested, they were not kidding about the high caffeine. Death Wish has around 700 mg in 12 ounces compared to a little over 200 mg for typical blends. It’s like drinking a quart of coffee. There are as many blends for coffee as there are flavors of ice cream, if strong coffee is not your cup of tea (pun intended), you can find your flavor.

Cold Brew

Like it or hate it, cold brew is here to stay. At first, I hated it. I did not like the idea of the brewing style and thought it stole from the coffee’s flavor. When I finally tasted it I realized it was quite the opposite, then I liked it. Brewing hot brings out more acid and removes the fragrant oils. The strong smell you get from hot coffee is primarily from the oils evaporating so you will miss out on those tastes. You do not miss out on them with cold brew.

And more importantly, the weather is warming up. Drinking hot drinks during summer can make me feel off balance same as drinking icy cold drinks during winter. Cold brew not only adds new flavors to coffee, but is very inviting during hot muggy days.

Despite what some people say, cold brew is not hard to make. It just requires patience since it needs to brew overnight. But trust me, it is worth it. And the equipment is not expensive and can fit almost any budget. The Primula cold brew equipment the wife and I have cost as much as pizza delivery and it still works perfectly after 3 years. We even bought two for when we visit the family so we can have plenty of cold brew.


Let’s face it, while coffee is excellent in flavor, sometimes you just need to do something with it to add some flavor. It’s kind of like water. From time to time you feel like you need to just add a swig of lemon juice, not because you hate water, but the lemon juice just makes it a different experience. Coffee is much the same, that is why there are probably hundreds of different types of coffee drinks. I mean, if one popular drink is hot drip coffee poured over butter (look at bulletproof coffee) I am sure people have used their creativity to make weird coffee drinks. It’s kind of funny, I told my students that coffee does not count as a meal unless Starbucks blended an omelet in their drink. I’m now afraid someone actually tried that out.

Either way, most of these coffee drinks would not be possible without espresso. Chances are, you do not have an espresso machine. I did while I was in college to make one of my own coffee creations called Cuban missiles, the kinds America would welcome. Of course like every consumer good in life, the espresso maker needed to be retired. However, I enjoyed making these drinks for my friends and my girlfriend at the time (now wife/editor) and it was quite fun. Espresso machines are a bit more expensive. Depending on the brand and type, you could spend over a hundred. However, there are still economical brands and espresso makers that will do the trick for $13.

Coffee Places Will Come Back

Come on, do you think all coffee places will close down? It will be tough, but coffee shops almost specialize in to go items. Besides, I can try all I want, I can never make coffee the way the best coffee shops do. Many have specialized blends that just cannot compare to anything you can find online. Besides, coffee shops are more known for their atmosphere and customer service than for their coffee alone. Furthermore, many of the coffee shops I know with their own roasting capabilities are selling their roasted coffee beans. You can find those beans for sale at many stores, and possibly via eCommerce.

Final Thoughts

I have always found brewing my own coffee to be a good way to save money. Frankly, even with many coffee shops closed, I can hardly tell the difference. Once a colleague told me to boycott a coffee shop last year and I asked her if she ever saw me with one of their cups. I am probably the only American that can talk about cups of coffee I buy each year in the single digits.

Some argue we should try to keep restaurants, bars, and coffee shops opened. I believe in free markets, which means that you should spend your money how you want. If you want coffee made from scratch, go ahead and buy some, but don’t do it simply because you do not want coffee shops closed down. The owners knew the risk going in and the government has more duties to bail them out than you do. You can take the closure of coffee shops as an opportunity to try to brew coffee the way you like instead of spending thousands on it each year. The extra thousands you save could be used for opportunities to forge your wealth.

Author: Papa Foxtrot

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